We offer mirrors made from the finest materials available on the market. Each mirror has been tested and proven for safety and the compliance the EU standards. Our mirrors are also certified CE.

Our LED mirrors fascinate with highest quality and exclusive appearance, which introduce elegant, ambient atmosphere to the bathroom.

LED illuminated mirrors are stylish additions to every bathroom. Mirrors are made to any measure.

They are certified CE, RoHS and IP65. Our offer also include a 3D LED mirror, which is illuminated with white or colors LEDs.

3D LED mirrors are illuminated with warm white LED color or full color LED. This allows you to adjust the color tones inside your bathroom.

Every single mirror is individually manufactured for each customer. Therefore, we can provide our customers the best quality at a fair price.

We offer mirrors in any measure and design.

Sensor – modern option that allows switching the mirror on/off by waving your hand over the sensor without touching the mirror. The sensor is mounted on the bottom side of the mirror.

Demister – prevents fogging up, even during a hot bath. The demister may be combined with LED lighting, which enables the use of two options at the same time. They can also be separated by an additional switch. Power consuption is < 2,5W /dm2 and the is 230V.

LED clock – has the function of displaying time and date. It has three buttons that allow you to set the time and date. The clock is mounted above the lower edge of the mirror.

Cosmetic mirror – a mirror with the diameter of 11cm and 2,5x magnification. It is intended for make-up. It is mounted on the surface of the main mirror.